Choosing an entrance for your bridal party may seem like the least of your worries! Most of the time it’s all thrown together at the last minute! Which is exactly why we are providing you with fun and unique ways to introduce your bridal party, that will make your wedding stand out from others!

There are MANY different ways on how to introduce your bridal party making it FUN and UNIQUE, and the best part is that there are NO RULES! It’s your wedding, you can literally do WHATEVER you want (or whatever you want your bridal party to do!)

Ways to be introduced:

  • Individually – one at a time, you could even have the DJ announce some fun facts about each one as they come out
  • By Pairs/couples – this is traditionally what you see during weddings
  • The entire wedding party as a whole – announcing “the wedding party” instead of their names etc.
  • All the bridesmaids together – announcing “the bridesmaids”
  • All the groomsmen together – announcing “the groomsmen”

Unique ideas:

  • Bride & groom face cutouts – Walk in holding a cutout of the couples faces as theirs!
  • Twins? – If the bride or groom/couple is a twin, switch places! – This will really make for a unique and funny entrance!
  • Ride in on a motorized toy (car, scooter, etc.) – The unexpected is usually a hit!
  • T-shirt toss – Are you sports people? Having t-shirts made with your new last name and the year you’re getting married – tied up and thrown to your guests as your bridal party walks in –  definitely a crowd favorite!
  • Disco glow sticks – Giant glow stick entrance to start the party off right
  • Swap outfits – Having the bridesmaid and groomsmen swap outfits…if possible! Again, the unexpected is usually a hit!
  • Choreographed dance – Having your bridal party learn a short choreographed dance and creating a sort of flash mob is definitely a fun way to kick off your big day!
  • Photo Booth props – Does the wedding have a photo booth? Go ahead and grab a few props for a funny entrance!
  • Unique Props – If you have a theme for your wedding, tying that into the entrance can be a fun way to make this unique! Having confetti poppers (check with venue first!), balloons drop from above, bubble/fog machines, red carpet, marathon finish line, sports tunnel, musical instruments etc.

Where they go after:

After your wedding party walks in from doing their introduction – where should they go?! Once they walk in, the last thing you want is for them to be looking around and wandering aimlessly trying to find their seat, looking lost and confused. It can be very distracting when there’s a large group standing roaming around in a room full of guests sitting. This can take the eyes off the couple’s entrance!

When your wedding party walks in, you’re going to want them to create a half-moon / crescent type of formation! This allows for the end of the entrance to come together smoothly, and creates the perfect picture for when the couple makes their way in! For visuals, check out the TikTok video we made below! And if you aren’t already following us on TikTok, we highly recommend it! We post tips and tricks consistently for our viewers that will no doubt help you with your big day!

Don’t forget!

While having the most epic bridal party entrance can be super exciting when throwing around ideas, you MUST be sure to run your ideas by ALL vendors, especially your venue! This is extremely important because you definitely do not want to over step your contract by having a unique entrance! For example, you may want confetti poppers and your venue may not allow them due to safety reasons. This is something you should definitely be asking beforehand.

With that being said, you also want to run these ideas by your photographer, DJ, videographer, etc. because you want to make sure they are in the perfect spot to capture your vision and be sure they are MC’ing correctly!  As with anything in life, communication is key and will help everything run smoothly.

Speaking of not forgetting anything …

This can all be made extremely easy with The Perfect DIY Wedding Day Timeline! Read our blog post on how having a perfect timeline can ensure a smoothly executed event!

If you aren’t already, follow along with us on Instagram / tiktok / YouTube / and our Podcast for more tips and tricks on how to DIY your own wedding… but with a plan!

Unique Ways to Introduce Your Bridal Party

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