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With over 10 years in the wedding industry, running a local wedding planning and DJ company, we’ve seen firsthand what it takes to have a successful (and fun!) wedding day. 

By giving you everything you need to plan your own wedding, you can stay within your budget and make sure your big day is truly what you want. 

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Hi, we’re Serena and Dominic. And we’re on a mission to rebrand the DIYed wedding. 

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- Kim Long

I had a concept in my mind to mash up two songs to play at a pivotal moment of the program. Dominic hit it out of the park, creating “Lose Yourself in a Sky Full of Stars”. He reached into my brain, used his amazing talent to create the song that continues to be talked about today!! It was so cool to watch multi-generations grab a giant glow wand and head to the dance floor in celebration of exceeding the expectations of the evening. Salute to the “Wedding Duo”, you two are magical!!”

- Jordan Demmers

“To any newly engaged bride and grooms out there, Serena and Dominic have you covered! Their podcast spans so many wedding topics and really dives into the realities of wedding planning. And if you’re a music junkie like I am, Dominic has so many song ideas it will make the process so much easier. They are so entertaining while also making it feel like you’re sitting down talking to a friend. Highly recommend!”

- Faye Dixon

“We booked a virtual session with Dom to discuss the music for our wedding. The whole process was seamless from start to finish. Dom and Serena sent us a music planning document with various different suggestions to review before our call. The zoom call we had with Dom then allowed us to discuss our plans and get some much needed advice on timings. Following the call with Dom we felt much more positive about our choices and he raised a number of questions we hadn't considered, allowing us to plan accordingly! Thanks to Dom and Serena for all of their help and advice!!”

- Rachael Smith

“If you're wondering if this one on one zoom call is worth it, even if you aren't in their area, let me just say...YES!! The meeting was very helpful in grabbing ideas, flow, timing, things you haven't thought about or considered. We have a DJ lined up for our daughter's out of state venue but now we know what we want, and in some cases what we don't want. DO this!! You won't be disappointed in the one on one opportunity to guide your wedding and reception music!! Plus you get the Zoom video to rewatch when you've forgotten or in my case couldn't take notes fast enough."

As a hands-on couple, you thrive at organization. Still, it’s easy to forget things on your big day. Steal our checklist and make sure you can ‘heart’ all of your ‘i’s and cross your ‘t’s when your wedding day rolls around.

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Serena + Dominic 

With over 10 years in the wedding industry, we’ve seen a lot of couples on their special day. And as much as we love the flowers, cake, and vows– so many lovebirds find themselves overwhelmed with wedding planning or stressed about hefty wedding costs.

So as a couple, we looked at each other and said a simple ‘let’s help.’ It started as posting wedding content online to help the DIYing couple, then snowballed into a one-stop wedding planning destination for couples.

Because you deserve to pull off a wedding event that perfectly fits your needs, vibe, and dreams– without doing it all alone. 

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