Does the thought of having to tell multiple people what to do, where to go, and at what time, stress you out as the bride and groom? Eliminating that stress by creating the perfect DIY wedding day timeline with Timeline Genius and having everything you need in ONE spot, is pure gold on your wedding day!

We are firm believers, and preach to all of our couples, that having a wedding day timeline is non-negotiable! It’s the back-bone of a successful wedding and you can’t tell us (or any wedding professional, really!) otherwise! A good detailed timeline is like the glue that will hold your entire event together! This allows for ALL of your vendors to be on the same page and know exactly what is going on at what time. This also allows for your bridal party to know when and where they are expected to be needed!

A wedding planning book with a wedding timeline example

With the perfect DIY wedding day timeline you’re able to make sure your vendors are all on the same page, but you can also 1.) hand one out to your bridal party 2.) hand one out to a designated timeline person 3.) have one in each “getting ready room” or 4.) all of the above! Either way, knowing you prepared a timeline for your big day will absolutely take weight off your shoulders!

As wedding professionals, we use Timeline Genius to create all of our couples timelines for their big day. This tool allows us to make sure we absolutely do not forget anything when it comes to the “day of” our couples weddings! Like we said above, it’s non-negotiable!!

With that being said, we are here to help you with your DIY wedding day timeline and there are two ways to do so through Timeline Genius (and we think you’re going to love both!)

There are two effective ways to work with Timeline Genius when creating your DIY wedding day timeline


Are you more of an “I got this, I just don’t know where to start” type of couple? This one’s for you! If planning your own wedding excites you and you’re wanting to do it all on your own, but a little guidance would help, Timeline Genius is what you need! We absolutely believe having a good timeline isn’t optional! Therefore we highly recommend (the program that we use) Timeline Genius to make sure your wedding day runs as smoothly as it possibly can! This will not only help you create a detailed timeline for the day of, but it will also guide in making sure nothing is left out or forgotten!

Using the link below, couples are now able to create a DIY wedding day timeline completely on their own! How exciting!! Timeline Genius provides a detailed demo video on how to navigate through the program, as well as providing a scheduled personal tour so you know exactly how to use this tool while being able to ask one-on-one questions!


Are you more of an “I don’t now what the heck I’m doing, and I also can’t afford a wedding planner” type of couple? This one’s for you! Leave all, or just some, of it up to us! Your virtual wedding planning besties! We offer several different packages allowing you to choose just how involved you’d like us to be! Though, no matter which package you choose, Timeline Genius will always be included as we assist you along the way of planning your big day! Super cool!!!

Booking with us will give you everything you’ll need in order to plan your big day while staying within budget and still truly getting the big day that you want! Here are just a few things you can look forward to after booking with us:

  • An intake form to guide what you want to accomplish in your session!
  • A recorded, 45-minute sessions that’s yours to keep!
  • A post session plan, with action steps!
  • E-mail support to keep you motivated!
  • Your Timeline Genius custom plan, of course!
  • A $50 credit to our custom ‘The wedding Duo Shop’

Using the link below, you can choose a package and book a session with us to get started on your DIY wedding day timeline!

As one may, if you have any questions regarding our services, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer and support in any way we can! We also have a ‘frequently asked questions’ section on our website and would love for you to get a good idea of our services from there as well!

DIY wedding day timeline

Helping you create the perfect DIY wedding day timeline

No more stressing over where to start when creating your DIY wedding day timeline! These two amazing options will set you and your wedding day up for success at SUCH an affordable price point! If you choose to DIY your own timeline with Timeline Genius, we are so excited for you and are happy to have been a helpful part of your big day – we’d love to know how you’re liking it (comment on our TikTok post below!) If you choose to book us as your virtual wedding planners, we are THRILLED to be a helping hand in the success of your big day and cannot wait to meet you!!

If you aren’t already, follow along with us on Instagram / tiktok / YouTube / and our Podcast for more tips and tricks on how to DIY your own wedding… but with a plan!

A wedding planning book with a wedding timeline example

How To Create The Perfect DIY Wedding Day Timeline

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