Figuring out your first dance can be daunting for many couples! Selecting the perfect song and perfecting your dance moves is not easy, especially if you’re not the type to seek the spotlight. Social media will also make us think your first dance needs to be elaborate and over the top!

However, as virtual wedding planners, it’s really about being in the moment and celebrating being newlyweds! Here at The Wedding Duo, we want to help you navigate the process of executing the perfect first dance that feels natural, meaningful, and realistic!

Selecting a first dance song wedding tips

Tip #1: Selecting the First Dance Song

Choosing the right song for your first dance is essential. While some couples may have a special song that immediately comes to mind, others may struggle to find the perfect fit. If you find yourself in the latter category, consider setting up a dedicated date night to pick the best song.

Look up a first dance playlist and practice dancing! Order takeout, dim the lights, and play each song on the list. Take the time to listen to the lyrics, the melody, and how each song makes you feel. Try dancing to each one in the comfort of your living room to see which song feels the most natural and romantic.

Selecting a song without trying to dance to it first can lead to some awkward moments on the dance floor! Make sure it isn’t too fast or too slow.

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Tip #2: The Dance Moves

You and your partner don’t have to be professional dancers or put on an elaborate choreographed performance for your first dance. Simple moves can be just as beautiful and memorable. If you’re not confident in your dance skills, fear not! Your guests are just excited to see the two of you together enjoying the moment!

Consider practicing a few classic moves such as the box step, twirl, or dip. These moves are relatively easy to learn and execute, even for beginners. YouTube is an invaluable resource for learning some basic dance steps!

Don’t worry about learning intricate choreography. Focus on enjoying the moment and each other’s company as newlyweds. The key is to be present and let your love shine through your movements and try not to worry about all eyes being on you!

Tip #3: Consider the Length of The Song

While you may love a particular track, it’s important to ensure that it doesn’t feel too long or too short. We recommend choosing a song that is around two minutes in length. This duration allows you to savor the moment, without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. Talk to your DJ or band about using a shortened version if the song is much longer than 2 minutes.

In Conclusion

Selecting and executing your first dance can be fun and meaningful! Take the time to find a song that holds sentimental value for both of you, has a good rhythm to dance to, and practice a few simple dance moves that feel comfortable and natural.

Remember, the most important thing is to embrace the moment and celebrate your love in a way that feels authentic to you as a couple. So go ahead, dance like nobody’s watching!

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Wedding First Dance Tips for Engaged Couples

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