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When one thinks of a bride on her big day, their vision usually includes a wedding bouquet in her hands. Bridal bouquets are a tradition dating back to antiquity! That’s right, even ancient Greek and Egyptians were carrying bundles of herbs and spices for good luck. Nowadays they are less about luck, and more about their beauty. None the less, they continue to be a staple at weddings. 

After being such a big part of the wedding, it’s sad to see that beautiful bouquet wither and eventually get thrown away. Luckily, that doesn’t have to be the case! There is a company whose mission is to turn your bouquet into the most treasured piece of artwork you own!

Designs by Andrea has become the #1 company in pressed bridal bouquets worldwide!  We can see why! They pride themselves in the care, creativity, and attention to detail they bring to each bouquet. Here’s what you need to know if you’re interested in turning your bouquet into a piece of artwork you can display and treasure forever. 

How do I book my wedding bouquet for preservation?

The process is simple. They’ve broken it down into 4 steps.

  1. Set your wedding or event date
  2. Use their online form to book them on
  3. Pay the 25% deposit
  4. Ship your bouquet within 5 days of your event

What options are available?

For your main piece there are two options with plenty of design potential! 

Pressed and Framed: This option allows for a lot of creative freedom! You can choose to have your flowers pressed and framed by themselves, with the bouquet ribbon, in various arrangements and sizes, even with wedding pictures or your invitation.

Resin Floral Block: This is the latest offering from Designs by Andrea, and it’s become quite popular! This 3D preservation method makes the bouquet look like a fresh bouquet. There are several shapes and sizes to choose from. 

Add-ons: Can’t decide? No problem! They also offer add-on options. These include smaller resin pieces such as pendants, wine stoppers, and ring diamonds. You can also choose to add on a small, pressed flower framed piece that is great option for boutonnieres!

View more of the beautiful options by visiting or follow her on instagram!

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What To Do With Your Bouquet After The Wedding?

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