It is always important to make sure the guys of the wedding party are ready for every aspect of the wedding day, especially for the photos you will treasure for the rest of your life!

Here are a few simple tips to make sure you’re prepared before the ceremony and photos:

  1. Carry your suit in a garment bag to the venue, or wherever you will be getting ready, to keep it looking fresh and unwrinkled. Keep in mind that suiting is dry clean only and should be steamed instead of ironed. 
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2. Be sure you have packed:

a. Card and/or gift for your spouse-to-be (gift exchanges make for great photo memories)

b. Any accessories you will be wearing (watch, socks, cufflinks, etc.)

c. Groomsmen gifts if you haven’t gifted them already

d. Your vows!

3. Make sure the vents on the back of your jacket have been clipped. And, only open the chest pocket if you are using a pocket square. You can keep the front pockets of your jacket sewn shut as they are not intended for use but are a design feature. If you want to carry something in your jacket, like the rings for the best man, choose the chest pocket on the inside of your jacket. 

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4. Make sure the vents on the back of your jacket have been clipped. If your jacket does not have a buttonhole, align the base of the flower with the second button down on your shirt. Make sure the flower is pinned on securely so it doesn’t bounce while you’re walking down the aisle. 

5. Leave the bottom of your suit jacket unbuttoned at all times. And, unbutton the top button of the jacket when you go to sit down. 

6. Leave your wallet and phone in your bag, the party bus, or with a friend, NOT in the front pocket of your pants. 

Have a drink, but not too many, don’t stress, and enjoy the day! For more tips on men’s style check out SuitShop’s Style Blog or contact them at!

For more helpful DIY wedding tips and inspiration, be sure to visit the bride source blog page!

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Wedding Day Getting-Ready Checklist for Grooms

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