When it comes to executing the wedding of your dreams, there really are only 2 things that you absolutely NEED for your wedding day in order to make SURE it goes exactly the way you envision it. Without these two things, you’ll leave a lot of room for error and we just simply cannot have that on wedding day, right? Right!

We are absolute firm believers that these two important things are KEY to a smooth, successful, and forever memorable wedding day!

1.) Wedding day timeline

Does the thought of having to tell multiple people what to do, where to go, and at what time, stress you out as the bride and groom? Eliminating that stress by creating the perfect DIY wedding day timeline with Timeline Genius and having everything you need in ONE spot, is pure gold on your big day!

We are firm believers, and preach to all of our couples, that having a wedding day timeline is non-negotiable! It’s the back-bone of a successful wedding and you can’t tell us (or any wedding professional, really) otherwise! A good detailed timeline is like the glue that will hold your entire event together! This allows for ALL of your vendors to be on the same page and know exactly what is going on at what time. This also allows for your bridal party to know when and where they are expected to be needed.

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2.) Help

Are you stuck in-between “I love the planning process, but it’s time consuming with my job, family, and social life!” and “I just don’t know where to even begin, I hope I’m not forgetting anything” but does the thought of hiring a wedding planner really scare you?! You may not need a planner, but you DO need a plan! It’s time to get professional – without the price tag!

A virtual wedding planner is someone who will guide you along the way through your planning process, though will not be there the day of your wedding. Once all of the BTS work is done, you have the freedom to either execute the plan on your own or hand it off to a family member or friend. Either way, everything will be completed and ready to go for a fraction of the price!

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Other Resources

To make sure you have the absolute most when it comes to resources for your big day, we want to provide you with everything we have to offer that we know will ensure a smooth, successful, and forever memorable wedding day!


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2 Most Important Things You Need For Your Wedding Day

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