Wedding toasts can be a highlight of any reception! It is a special time for you and your partner to hear wonderful things from those you love most! When you ask your best man, maid of honor, or just a close friend to give a wedding toast, it is an honor and a privilege. However, wedding toasts can also be a source of anxiety for those who are asked to give them.

With a little bit of preparation and sharing these helpful tips, your closest friends or family members will deliver a toast that will be remembered for all the right reasons!

tips to give a great wedding toast

1. Limit the Number of People Giving Wedding Toasts

Wedding receptions can be long affairs, and your guests will start to lose interest if too many people are giving toasts. We recommend limiting the number of people giving toasts to three to five at the most.

If you have more people who want to say something, consider asking them to speak at the rehearsal dinner. While people love to hear funny stories and share great things about you, it should not take up too much time.

2. Provide a Time Limit

As with any public speaking engagement, it’s important to keep wedding toasts brief and to the point. We find that two to three minutes is a good length of time to ask your speech giver to aim for. While it may not seem long, when you have multiple people speaking it takes a good chunk of time at your reception.

Ask those giving a toast to rehearse their speech beforehand so that they don’t go over their allotted time and have a good idea of how long it will take.

This for giving a great wedding toast

3. Ask Those Giving a Toast to be Appropriate

While it may seem obvious, it’s not a bad idea to remind those giving a toast to keep it appropriate. A funny story or joke is always welcome, but reminding them to avoid revealing embarrassing or inappropriate can go a long way. Let them know the goal of the toast is to celebrate the couple’s love and commitment to each other, not to make them uncomfortable.

In conclusion, remember that giving a wedding toast can be nerve-wracking. When planning your wedding it is important to help your speech gives with some tips. So, limit the number of people giving toasts, give them a time frame, and remind them to be appropriate.

This way you can help ensure that the toasts at the wedding reception are memorable for all the right reasons.

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Tips to give a great wedding toast

Wedding Toasts: Tips from the Experts

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