Buying a wedding dress is arguably one of the most exciting parts of the run-up to your wedding day. I say arguably because some people find this the hardest part – finding a dress they love or that fits them in all the right places, and with all of the wedding dress styles out there, it can be hard to choose just one!!

In this post, I want to break down some wedding dress tips and tricks for you to bear in mind when you’re going for your fittings and also on your big day. From cleaning your wedding dress to types of dress bustles – this post will hopefully have you covered!

Bustling a wedding dress

My Three Main Wedding Dress Tips

Wedding Dress Tip #1: Bring Someone To Record How To Bustle at Your Last Fitting

Bustle? What on earth does it mean to bustle your wedding dress? Well, to put it simply, it’s the process of transitioning your wedding dress to ‘remove’ the train. It allows you to condense the dress in a way that makes it easier for you to move around freely and protect the long part of your dress that would otherwise be dragging around the floor for the rest of the day.

My first wedding dress tip is to bring someone to record how to actually do this at your last fitting. It’s important for your maid of honor/mom/bridesmaids to know how to do this before the big day, so that they can do this for you properly, transitioning your wedding dress into its second look of the day! Having someone record it means you can send it around to as many people as you’d like so that several people know what to do when the time comes.

Types of dress bustles for wedding dress styles

  • American bustle
  • Ballroom bustle 
  • Bow Bustle 
  • French Bustle 
  • Royal Bustle 
Helping fasten a wedding dress

Wedding Dress Tip #2: Make Time For a Bathroom Break Before Reception Introductions

Bustling your dress and going to the bathroom in your dress can be two very time-consuming things. You might have wedding dress bustle clips which can make it slightly quicker, but you’ll still want to set aside some time before reception introductions to go to the bathroom and get your dress into its new, second look of the day before heading into your reception. 

It’s also great to show off your dress for the grand entrances to your reception because depending on the style – your wedding dress might look like a completely new one to what your guests would have seen during the ceremony!

Wedding Dress Tip #3: Plan To Have The Dress Cleaned & Stored Before Leaving for Your Honeymoon

Your wedding dress is something you will cherish forever and that probably was not one of the cheapest things you’ve ever purchased. That’s why I always recommend having your dress cleaned and stored before leaving for your honeymoon. Not to alarm you, but your wedding dress will most likely pick up some marks during your day, and you’ll want a professional to get these out for you. 

You’ll want to choose a reputable company to clean your wedding dress for you, and if they offer storage as well, that’s an added bonus! Doing this before your honeymoon means that you’re not worried about your dress or even thinking about having to deal with it when you get back and know that it’s already taken care of.

Wedding Dress Bustle

We know how important your wedding dress is to you and hope that these wedding dress tips and tricks will help you during your fitting appointments, on your big day, and also for many years to come when enjoying your wedding dress again and reliving those memories.

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Bustling a wedding dress

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