So many small tasks can take up your energy on the wedding day, but they don’t have to. Follow this wedding day checklist for the bride and skip out on the stress. Your day should be focused on what this wedding is all about — the two of you!

The rings

Ah, yes! The rings.. how could you forget? A big part of the wedding ceremony and yet, an easily overlooked item to pack, especially since you haven’t worn them yet!

Your rings are the most valuable and easy to lose too. If it stresses you out too much to hang onto them yourself, ask a friend or family member a few days before to bring them. Let that be their one responsibility.

Ring boxes with wedding rings in them

Your marriage license

Another important and official part of the wedding, don’t forget your marriage license!

  1. Get your license from a state clerk at least two weeks in advance
  2. Bring it, unfolded, to the wedding
  3. Get it signed by your officiant

Signed marriage certificate

Cash and/or checkbook

Make sure to keep cash or a checkbook handy. This might be necessary to pay vendors after the event. Staff might require this after the event as well, or if you just want to tip those who have helped out. You also might want to keep cash on you depending on what you are doing after the wedding and if you and your spouse and or inner circle are staying somewhere. Sometimes cash is better for smaller expenses.


Whether you have a planner personality or not, making sure you have backups is necessary for your big day. If you break a heel dancing the night away or if a hair tie falls out, with a backup, you won’t have to worry as much if these instances do happen. Some brides and bridesmaids even have backups for their jewelry and always have makeup handy in a nearby room to reapply.

Don’t forget backup outfits as well, or even a separate reception dress. This winds up coming in handy when something spills on your dress or your spouse’s outfit. Not to mention, sometimes after a long day of pictures and ceremonial activities, all you want to do is slip into something comfy and not as expensive. 

Wedding day checklist for bride — backup outfits

Hair and makeup organizers

Now that you have backups for your hair accessories and makeup, it’s time to organize it all. Whether you already have an organizer from home or you buy a new one from a beauty supply store, you can use this to hold everything together. Choosing something easily accessible and portable is a good option as well since you will be moving around a lot for photos and the like.

Clothing repair kit

If you don’t have backup clothing or you have just had a wardrobe malfunction either before or during the ceremony/reception, a clothing repair kit is a great tool to have around. You can keep this in the bridal changing room with everything else, or you or someone else can keep it in their purse and on them throughout the night. Clothing repair kits are small and can easily fit in a purse. 

Skin and nail essentials

Some of these include extra nail polish, a top coat, a nail file, moisturizer for your skin/face, extra foundation, etc. 

Tote bags

Now that you have all of your essentials, you might want something to carry it all. Tote bags are a great way to pack all of your needs in as minimum as one to two bags. Some of them are really cute too! Carry all your necessities in style!

Wedding day checklist for bride — tote bag with hmu supplies

Feeling more prepared now? We hope so. This is your resource for a wedding without all of the stress. Have any ideas for this bride’s wedding day checklist that we should include? Let us know over on Instagram!

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Wedding day checklist for bride

Must-have wedding day checklist for the bride

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