If we had to guess, you probably discovered The Wedding Duo through our videos on TikTok and Instagram about wedding music. Dominic has been DJing weddings for over 15 years and knows the ins and outs of wedding song choices. We’ve both seen so much over the years and learned a thing or two about what works best, so we thought it was time we put together a quick guide on choosing the best music for your wedding ceremony! Follow our four easy tips to ensure an incredible ceremony experience!

Tips for Selecting Your Wedding Ceremony Music

1. Choose 3 Songs 

Your wedding ceremony music can be split into three songs: one for the first partner and wedding party procession, one for the second partner procession, and one for the recessional. If you have a very long aisle or a large wedding party, you may need to add an additional song, but for most weddings, three is plenty. We tend to discourage using separate songs for each half of the bridal party or family members since using multiple songs in such a short time can feel choppy. We want the ceremony to feel seamless!

2. Get To The Good Part

When choosing songs for your wedding ceremony, keep in mind that you’ll only be playing around 30 seconds of each song. This means you want to focus on getting to the good part! This is especially important when the bride or partner walks down the aisle since it’s a big statement moment, and the music should reflect that. So when selecting your song, keep track of the timestamps so you know when the best moments of the song are so that your DJ can start there.

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3. Communicate With Your DJ 

The most important thing you can do when choosing any music for your wedding day is talk to your DJ about your vision. DJs are talented professionals who do so much more than start and stop songs! They can clip certain parts of a song, loop a song, or fade one into another to create seamless transitions. Make sure to schedule a time to chat with your DJ about the wedding ceremony so you’re all on the same page, and they can properly prepare their music files for your big day. 

4. Mix It Up 

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box! Your wedding should be unique and reflect you as a couple. We’ve had couples walk down the aisle to every type of music possible – even the Star Wars theme! If you’re a fan of more “traditional” music, one of my favorite suggestions is to use an instrumental version of a song as the wedding party walks down the aisle and then switch to the same song with lyrics for the bride’s procession. You can listen to one of our favorite examples of that here

Ceremony Music with The Wedding Duo

The wedding ceremony is the first introduction that your guests will have to your wedding day, and the music will set the tone. These four easy steps will help guarantee you have the perfect ambiance for the most important part of the day. If you’re looking for more guidance from Dominic, you can snag a copy of our Music Planner – a full guide to songs you’ll need on your wedding day, with a list of our recommendations and suggested timing. And don’t forget, you can hire us directly no matter where you are! Our bags are always ready. 

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