Welcome to our new segment of VENDOR SPOTLIGHT! We gathered hundreds of vendors via our Instagram and TikTok page from all over the country to showcase their services within the wedding industry. We will be interviewing these companies for you and gathering their insight and professional opinions when it comes to hiring them, or when it comes to hiring a profession like them, near you. Today we’re bringing Denver, Colorado to you!

Here at The Wedding Duo, we offer virtual wedding planning packages. Which in short means we help you plan the wedding of your dreams, from afar! Narrowing down vendors near you that align with your vision is just one way we hope this segment benefits you in your planning. With this segment we are hoping to reach companies all over the country to spotlight their work and gather information for couples near them or traveling to the area for a destination wedding.

Here’s the scoop!

Who are you and where are you located:

I’m Courtney, a wedding planner located in South Denver, Colorado. I’ve been a wedding planner for about six years now!

Tell us a little about your company:

I used to work at Windsong Estate Event Center, a wedding venue in Fort Collins, CO and from there I knew I wanted to create my own wedding planning company. I wanted to be able to work with the couples from the start to see the full execution of the wedding and be a part of that special day.

I chose the name Every Little Detail because I want to ensure I cover “every little detail” of my couple’s wedding, to ensure a perfect day. Right now it’s just me, myself and I. I do plan to hire on as I continue to grow, but I am capable of taking on everything I need to to run my business currently.

What advice would you give your future couples:

My advice would be to make sure you choose what YOU want for your wedding. Try to not let the opinions of friends and family sway you into something that you don’t want for your wedding.

What’s one question a couple MUST ask their wedding planner:

“What Exactly Do You Do as a Wedding Planner?” This might seem like an obvious question, but it’s an important one to ask because each planner works differently and you need to find the one whose process works for you.

What’s your favorite part of being a wedding planner:

Well, there are multiple, but I’ll start with the most obvious perk about being a wedding planner — The People! Getting to meet couples, and the opportunity to know them. I love meeting new people in general, so this is the most enjoyable part for me. As a planner, I spend a lot of time with my clients, so it’s so important to have that amazing connection with everyone.

What’s the best way to contact you:

I am available by phone, email, or online. My phone number is 303-587-7375, my email is courtney@everylittledetailwedding.com, my website is www.everylittledetailwedding.com, my Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/everylittledetailwedding/

wedding planner in Denver Colorado

What type of packages do you offer:

I offer full-service planning, partial-service planning and day-of/month-of coordination. I also can do a customized package for my couples. I offer payment plans and will work with what my couples need because I understand when you are booking vendors, there are so many up front costs that get expensive, so if a couple needs to break down the payment plan even more, I am happy to do that 🙂

How far do you travel, if you do:

I travel within the US, Denver, Colorado and surrounding cities, and would love to travel to other states. I’m always up to traveling for a destination wedding. I have my suitcase ready to go!

What makes you the happiest working in wedding planning:

I think what makes me happiest planning a wedding, is knowing that these two people are madly in love and their goal is to have an unbelievable day to celebrate that love! Just being able to be a part of that and make that day happen for them, makes me the happiest.

As a wedding planner in Denver, Colorado, what are some of your most asked questions:

Here are some of the top questions I get asked:

  1. “Do you have another wedding or event the same weekend?” Typically I don’t do two weddings in a weekend. If it’s a Friday wedding and a Sunday wedding I can do that. This is to ensure I will be able to do the rehearsal on Saturday for the Sunday wedding. But I’m not able to do a wedding on Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday for the reason that I will not be able to attend rehearsal dinner.
  2. “Are weddings the main events that you plan?” Yes, I mainly do weddings, but I also offer help with corporate events, baby showers, bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, events after the wedding, birthdays, etc. I LOVE any event!
  3. “What time will you arrive and depart for the festivities?” I am usually the first one on-site for the day-of the wedding and the last one in the parking lot to leave. I make sure the wedding is covered all day from start to finish.
  4. “Do you have preferred vendors?” I do have preferred vendors that I have worked with at previous weddings, and love, but I do not require my couples to use those vendors. You’re able to choose whoever and I actually love that. Like I said above, I love meeting new people, and this includes new vendors to potentially continue to grow my preferred vendor list.

Like we said above, we are hoping this segment of vendor spotlight is beneficial to you in your planning process. If you’re wanting us to do a vendor spotlight on YOU as a vendor please contact us and we will be in touch with you. If you’re wanting us to do a vendor spotlight on a vendor in your city, feel free to DM us on Instagram, TikTok, or email us with the location and we will do our best to find vendors near you!

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