Traveling together as a newly married couple is a special experience. Here at The Wedding Duo, we believe that every couple should take advantage of their honeymoon. We know it can be easy to put off planning your honeymoon or skip the cost altogether, however, it is an important step into married life that shouldn’t be overlooked! 

Whether you’re planning a honeymoon in an exotic destination, a romantic weekend getaway, or a cross-country road trip, there’s something meaningful about exploring the great unknown together as newlyweds. Plus – research actually proves couples that travel together have healthier relationships!

Don't skip on planning your Honeymoon

Wedding Planning is Stressful, You Deserve the Honeymoon!

Wedding planning can be both exciting and incredibly stressful. We offer affordable virtual wedding planning services for this exact reason! Amidst all the checklists and planning details, you both should take advantage of a break and catch your breath once you are officially married. Taking a trip together post-wedding is a great way to rehash the wedding day and relive the memories you made. 

A question we get asked a lot is if the honeymoon should immediately follow the wedding. There is honestly no right answer anymore! Every couple’s situation is different, but we recommend you take the time to plan the trip either way! This could be a mini-moon post-wedding or a trip months later.

Use Honeyfund to plan your honeymoon

It Doesn’t Have to Be Extravagant (But it can be!)

The perfect honeymoon no longer has to be a 10-day all-inclusive resort beach trip. Your honeymoon should revolve around your interests as a couple and focus on what you like to do together. It can simply be a local long-weekend trip or an overseas European adventure. The beauty is – there is no right or wrong answer. You can decide what makes the most sense for you as a couple.

Many couples these days are getting married later in life, which means you already have a lot of the traditional wedding “stuff” usually purchased off your registry. If that’s the case for you we HIGHLY recommend using Honeyfund to fund your honeymoon. Your family and friends will love to contribute towards your trip or special activities you have planned and see what is on your bucket list!

With a carefully planned budget, you don’t have to compromise on your dream honeymoon; you just have to get creative. Consider scaling back on one aspect of your honeymoon in order to be able to afford something more elaborate on another aspect. For example, booking a moderate hotel room might give you extra funds to put toward a private tour of the city you’re visiting or special wine tasting. Your Honeyfund can help you do this while remaining within your desired budget. Listen to our podcast episode with the CEO of Honeyfund, Sarah Margulis.

Reasons not to skip your honeymoon

Don’t wait!

Don’t wait to book your first trip as newlyweds. Start this new chapter in life on the right foot and embrace the adventure, the unknown, and the exciting possibilities that come with engaging in activities together as a couple—all of which make for an unforgettable honeymoon. There will always be reasons to push off and delay planning this trip, but the effort to get it done will be worth it!

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Reasons to plan your Honeymoon using Honeyfund

Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip Your Honeymoon

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