If you’re googling ‘Maid of Honor Duties’ then we’re guessing that your friend has just asked you to be her right-hand woman on the big day. As exciting as this can be, it’s often quite scary if you’ve never been a Maid of Honor before, or even an integral part of the wedding party.

So, we’re here to hopefully put your mind at ease and tell you about some of the duties of a maid of honor you may not know about. Brides, if you’re reading this make sure to send it to your MOH so she can be up to scratch with a good list of maid of honor duties!

A bride with her maid of honor

Maid Of Honor Duties

1. Keep The Bride Hydrated

Among other things, keeping the bride hydrated is superrrr important. Depending on the temperature, the conditions, and how much *cough cough* alcohol *cough*, she may have been drinking throughout the day or even the night before – the bride could be a little worse for wear. 

Make sure to always be carrying some kind of quick drink or be in an area where you know where the nearest water is available if needed. If you’re getting ready and have a member of the event team coming up to check on you, always make sure to ask for some more water, as well as maybe a Champagne top-up.

Maid of honor ordering drinks for the bride and bridesmaids

2. Keep Unwanted Guests Out Of The Bridal Suite

Everyone wants to see the bride. The morning of the wedding is an exciting time, and believe it or not, guests will actually make up stories to the event staff as to why they need to enter the bridal suite, just so they can get a glimpse!

A key maid of honor’s duty is to make sure to not let anyone into the bridal suite that the bride has not pre-approved. Try to have this conversation with the bride before the day and maybe write a list of people who she doesn’t mind coming in, and then those who are strictly not permitted. This will save asking during precious getting ready time.

3. Help The Bride Go To The Bathroom In Her Dress

If you’re wondering if there are any funny maid of honor duties, this is probably up there with one of the funniest. Wedding dresses can be heavy, very delicate, and are most of the time white or ivory. This means that you need to take great care of not only the bride, but her dress too. If this includes making sure the bride doesn’t pee on her dress – then so be it!

Depending on the size/style of the dress, this may involve getting into some pretty creative positions to make sure you’ve got hold of every inch of the dress & veil – keeping them out of the firing zone!

Maid of Honor helping the bride go to the bathroom in her dress

And there you have it – 3 maid of honor duties you may not have known about that will hopefully prove useful for you! Are you a maid of honor or a bride? Let us know in the comments below. We would also love to hear other maid of honor duties or chief bridesmaid duties that you’ve had before!

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3 Maid of Honor Duties You May Not Know About
A bride with her maid of honor

3 Maid Of Honor Duties You may Not Know About

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