Although QR codes have existed since the 90s, they only became well known during the Covid-19 pandemic as a great touch-free way of sharing information. Fortunately, they’ve stuck around and have continued to be a great way to share links and information with people! Recently, we’ve seen more QR codes at weddings in a variety of ways, and we love it! Here are some of our favorite ways couples who booked our wedding planning services have used QR codes in 2024.

Small sign with QR code on wedding reception table in front of purple flower centerpiece

Ways to Use QR Codes at Weddings


The most common way we see QR codes used in weddings is actually as part of the invitation suite! Since so many couples opt for online RSVP instead of the traditional mail-in card, QR codes are a great option to make it easy for guests to access the link. Whether you include the QR code on the back of the main invitation or as its own RSVP card in the suite, it’s a great alternative to a long written-out link your guests would otherwise have to type.

Ceremony Program

Have you ever been to a wedding with a QR code on the welcome sign? We’ve seen couples use this as a way to share digital ceremony programs instead of printing them! Not only does this save you money, but it’s also a great way to make your wedding more environmentally friendly.

screenshot of Never Miss Moments wedding photo sharing app with pictures of bride and groom, wedding musician, and wedding cake

Share Photos

One of our absolute favorite ways to use QR codes at your wedding is to have your guests share photos! Before your wedding day, you can partner with a company like Never Miss Moments which creates a custom gallery for your wedding day to which your guests can upload their photos. Then, at the end of the night, you have access to tons of photos from the view of your guests!

Honeymoon Fund

Gone are the days when friends and family were writing checks for the newlyweds. If you prefer cash to physical gifts, having a QR code next to your card box is a great option. Whether it’s connected to an official honeymoon fund or just your Venmo account, your friends will be thankful they didn’t have to run to the bank to order checks.

Virtual Tip Jar

Similarly, who is bringing cash to weddings these days? There are so many times we’ve heard guests say they’d love to tip the bartender but realized they forgot to bring cash! Setting up a QR code for your bartender tips is a great way to allow guests to easily show their appreciation to these crucial vendors.

Small sign with QR code on wedding reception table in front of white floral centerpiece

The Wedding Duo x Never Miss Moments

We absolutely love it when our couples work with Never Miss Moments to create a custom gallery for their guests to share photos from the wedding day. After all, your wedding photographer can’t be everywhere at once! We’re partnering with Never Miss Moments to give away a free wedding gallery and QR code! Head over to our instagram account to enter. And don’t forget, we’ve got our bags packed and our passports ready – contact us to see if The Wedding Duo is available for your wedding!

2024 Wedding Trend: QR Codes at Weddings

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