Take a look at the 2021 wedding trends that have taken over Pinterest and our hearts.

Dress Styles

Shoulder cape dresses

Shoulder cape dresses are in! Many brides this year have already worn this style of dress. Shoulder capes provide the same elegance as a veil but without the hassle of styling them with your hair!

Transformative dresses

Versatility has been making a comeback! Many brides have decided to wear transformative dresses for the purpose of being able to take off the gown part and move around freely at their reception. But this year specifically, a lot of brides want to be able to reuse the dress in another setting or event. Why not get more out of your wedding dress than just one day?

Backless gowns

Backless gowns are making a new debut! Especially with the trend of summer weddings, many brides are choosing backless gowns for their 2021 wedding. Plus, you get to show off those back muscles from your pre-wedding workouts!

2021 wedding trend - backless wedding gown

Decor Trends

Mismatched decor

Mismatched decor is a thing! Apparently people love the look of furniture and seating that is purposely out of place. Elegant ballroom seating for the outdoors, mismatched tablecloths and chair covers, the opportunities are endless with this trend! It feels antique and modern.

Boho couch next to a tent at a wedding reception

White tents

Tents and more popular than ever! Because of the pandemic, most people feel safer with both their ceremony and reception outdoors. Enclosed tents are an option too if it gets too windy or those pesky bugs are swarming in! 

Mini desserts

Desserts count as decor, right? Single tier and mini cakes have been on the rise lately in the wedding community. Not only are they cute and appealing to look at, but they are also great if you want to avoid a messy dessert table (no more cutting cakes and leaving crumbs everywhere). Even better — you can enjoy more than one without the guilt!

Other popular trends this year

Virtual planning

Did you know that you can hire a virtual wedding planner? Many couples have opted for this to get the exact advice they need from their preferred wedding planner, regardless of location.

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Have you noticed these 2021 wedding trends?

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