Need ideas for your wedding guest book? We’ve got you covered! 

Your wedding guest book is something that you can get really creative with! Whether you put a new spin on a traditional book or do something completely unique and out of the box, your wedding guest book makes for a special keepsake. So in this episode, we are sharing some fun and creative things we’ve seen couples do for their guest books.

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The Voicemail Guestbook

The voicemail guest book has been gaining popularity recently, and for good reason! 

To do this one, get an old phone, usually a beautiful rotary phone, and set it up on the guest book table. When guests pick up the receiver, they will either hear a quick “leave a message for the couple!” or a personalized message from the couple thanking them for coming and asking them to leave a voicemail. It is really cute!

It has a very nostalgic feel because the couple can go back and listen to their loved ones’ voices as often as they like and can be really special for times when loved ones move away or even pass away. You will always have this wonderful little memory of them in that voicemail.

Fun and Creative Ideas for your Wedding Guest Book
Photo by Gabby Orcutt on Unsplash

To set up the recording, two companies we recommend are After the Tone and FeteFone. They make it really easy to set it up and save your recordings afterward.  

One tip if you are going to use this idea is to make sure you have a sign beside the phone letting people know what to do. You can also have the DJ make an announcement.

The Jenga Guest Book

The Jenga guest book is really fun, and will be for years to come! To do it, get actual Jenga pieces for the guests to sign. Oversized pieces will be easier for guests to sign or leave a longer message on. 

To write the messages, just have a collection of sharpies in a jar beside the game. You can do classic black or make a colorful Jenga game with multi-colored markers!

And if you like the idea but Jenga isn’t really your thing, you could have guests sign the backs of puzzle pieces! Find a puzzle that fits with the theme of your wedding or have a custom puzzle made from a picture of you!

Fun and Creative Ideas for your Wedding Guest Book. Jenga
Photo by Manny Moreno on Unsplash

A Recipe for Love Guest Book

This one can get confusing but it’s also really adorable, especially if you and your partner are talented in the kitchen. The idea behind it is to ask guests to write out their idea of a recipe for love.  

Guests make up a recipe, such as “add two sweet people, mix in a lifetime of adventure to get a souffle of love”, things like that, and write it on a recipe card. 

To keep your “recipe book” as organized as possible, it’s a good idea to have separate recipe cards for guests to write on, rather than having them write directly into a book. That way you can use sleeves or double-sided tape to add them to the book after your wedding.

Where this one gets confusing is that guests could misinterpret what they are supposed to do, and think they need to write an actual recipe instead. To deal with this, just be clear on the signage, or get the DJ to make an announcement that you aren’t asking for them to pull their favorite brownie recipe from memory, just for a fun way to portray what makes up a good, healthy relationship!

The Photo Booth Guest Book

Is there anything more fun than a photo booth at a wedding? What you may not know is that most photo booth companies also offer a guest book to go along with it. 

Guests can take their fun photo booth photos, and pick one to add to the guest book, along with a sweet message!

Polaroid Guest Book

Along the same lines as the photo booth, you could do a polaroid guest book. It’s super simple to put together too! All you need is:

  • A polaroid camera ( or a few in case of any malfunction!), 
  • A big book with blank pages, 
  • Double-sided tape
  • A backdrop, which can be as simple as a unique at the venue, or you can create a backdrop 
  • Optional props

And let the guests have fun with it!

You can use the opportunity to have the DJ make a fun announcement too. People love the freedom and fun of this, and you’ll probably end up with a really fun guest book to look back on!

Fun and Creative Ideas for your Wedding Guest Book. Polaroid book
Photo by Josh Carter on Unsplash

The Garden Bench Guest book

This is one of the more unique guestbook ideas we’ve seen, and it has really stuck in our memory. 

The couple bought a little garden bench for two. It was a beautiful little bench and was really well made, so it would last for years to come, and travel with them if they moved. They had a bunch of sharpies and people just wrote something sweet on this bench that they might potentially be sitting on 50 years from now. It was super cute! You could even have it monogrammed beforehand to make it even more personalized.

A word of caution with this, or any other guest book idea that includes a large, possibly expensive surface is that sharpies can be very tempting to children! If your event is child friendly, it may be helpful to have someone there monitoring it, at least for a small portion of time, or to kind of give parents instructions to keep the sharpies away from the kids.

Fun and Creative Ideas for your Wedding Guest Book. Garden bench
Photo by Richard Goff on Unsplash

For the Music Lovers

This one works great for nostalgic music lovers! Find some records you love and get people to sign something cool on them. You can tailor this one however you want. If you have a record that’s really special to you as a couple, like your first dance artist or some of your ceremony music, those work really well.

One couple that we’ve seen do this said they were gonna take it home and put it up on the wall in the groom’s studio. We think this can be such a great idea if music is really important to you!

The Globe Guest book

We’ve had ideas for our food lovers and music lovers, so here’s one for our world travelers! 

If you and your partner have traveled lots together, or have plans to start, consider a globe guest book!

You can use any size of globe for this one. Some people do a few smaller ones, or just set a large globe out and have people sign it. The great thing about this is that it’s another guestbook idea that can be enjoyed often, because you can have it out in your house. 

At one wedding we were at, the couple had a plaque engraved with “so the adventure begins!” and their names and had it on the base of the globe. It was just a really sweet way to personalize it, and having the guests sign it adds something extra special!

Fun and Creative Ideas for your Wedding Guest Book. Globe
Photo by Arpit Rastogi on Unsplash

The Creative Movie Fan Guest Book

This is probably one of the most unique guest books we have seen! The bride really loved the Disney movie, “Up”, and created her own guestbook to reflect that. 

She had drawn the Up house on a piece of wood and cut a bunch of little balloons out of wood. The guests signed the balloons, and then after the wedding, she glued them all to the board so it looked like the house was floating away by all of these balloons with little signatures on them. 

Afterward, she sent us a picture of the finished product and it was just the most adorable piece!

The Tree Guest Book

This one is popular enough that you can buy a print of a tree specifically for the purpose of making it into a guestbook. 

The idea is that you have a large print of a tree out on the table, along with stamp pads. Guests press their thumb into the stamp pad, then make a thumbprint on the tree and sign their print. Once there is a bunch on there, the thumbprints look like leaves, and it just looks really cool.

This is another one where it’s a good idea to have an attendant watching the table. Stamp pads are just way too attractive to little fingers! Adults might appreciate some direction with it too. No one wants to mess up the guestbook if it’s something that’s going to be framed, and an attendant can guide them so they know what to do.

The guest book is a classic part of a wedding, and it can be as fun or as special as you want it to be. It’s a great way to inject your personality into your wedding and make a treasured memory of your day. 

We hope this post helped give you some ideas. Remember, whatever you choose, if it reflects you and your partner, it will be absolutely perfect. 

Happy wedding planning!

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10 Fun and Creative Ideas for your Wedding Guest Book

10 Fun and Creative Ideas for your Wedding Guest Book!



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